Callicera aurata

Callicera aurata, Ink on Bristol™ Scraperboard

Insect Art of the Hover fly Callicera aurata of the Family Syrphidae (Hover flies).

This specimen of Callicera aurata were captured by Rune Bygebjerg in 2002 in Denmark. The most obvious features of the insect is the long, white tipped and bent antennae.

The fly was illustrated on Bristol Scraperboard and took more than a week of work. There is lots of fine details it hard to see on the small scan of the drawing. Let me know if you are invested in buying this as a fine insect art piece for the wall.

Here is a photograph of the specimen I work with doing the drawing.

Photo of Callicera aurata (Copyright Rune Bygebjerg)

The illustrations have been used for in the major design for the Itallian, Atelier Moba.

Martin Bay

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